A few months ago I was completely drained from work, I'd just finished this huge project that went on for 2 months, no weekends, until it went online (even forgot to pay the gas, thank god for my amazing sister!) 
It's not healthy but in the creative world it's way more common than people like to admit. I needed a couple of days to myself. And that's exactly what going to Areias do Seixo was: time for me ,for my books, for loud music or heavy silence. Just me.

Best choice I've done! The place is just perfect, peaceful, slow paced, with a familiar vibe and a very strong environmental conscience. 
So really beautiful. 
The divine massages, the yoga classes, eating the most delicious meal at the chef's table - usually i'm not that into fancy restaurants - while seeing the chef and his team working at the open kitchen, drinking an amazing wine was just what I needed, a relaxing experience. I was even treated with a second dessert! (I love desserts!). 

Although it must be the perfect place to go with your other half or even with your family, you can perfectly enjoy some time by yourself!

I'll definitely go back in a sunnier season (or just anytime!)

For "where to" and more about place check GQ website.