I've lived in downtown Lisbon for the better part of the last 10 years, but I've grown apart from the stressed life of the city and a couple months ago I've moved near to the beach!

That said I'll be forever in love with Lisbon, so the idea of spending a weekend in the city in the summer sounded just perfect. Waking up late (not really in my case, i'm a very very early bird) in a sunny day, having a long walk and a late lunch is always a good plan. We really enjoyed Petisqueira Conquistador but, as long as you stay away from the places with signs saying "Portuguese Tapas" you'll be just fine. (If you're looking for typical Portuguese meals, a place design for Tourist it's probably not the place...) 

Where to stay? I've wanted to visit 1908 for some time so the opportunity came at the right time. By now I've visited enough hotels to know when it's been designed with love and the will to create a good project, and this place is 100% that. There's not a detail, how small it may be, they haven't thought about. The Bordalo II art work all over the hotel looks incredible, and the restaurant "Infame" has an amazing vibe - and food is pretty yummy!

But, the history of the building is pretty cool as well, know everything at GQ website.