I grew up enjoying the summer at semi desert places, my parents never liked crowded destinations and a house in the middle of nowhere was usually the choice (Carrapateira, Praia do Amado, Alzejur, Odeceixe or even Meco really back in the days). I still remember vividly my father taking off his watch and turning his bip (ahah) and then mobile phone off on the first day of our vacations and only reconnecting with the world one month later. We'd have lunch in a town nearby with other people, but never places like Vilamoura or Portimão, which I just been for the first time "quite recently".
I guess nowadays it would be impossible and a bit irresponsable to be completely disconnected but it always feels amazingly special and that's probably where my "bicho do mato" side came from.

When I heard about Eco Lodge Brejeira, in Silves, I knew it would be perfect for a very needed mini break. So, last weekend me and my friend Joana drove south on a Friday to meet a beautiful family of dreamers. Claire - a former social anthropologist who now runs the business - and her family, Sander and their two kids, who live and work at Eco Lodge Brejeira (find their cool story here)

We chose to stay at an old fashioned Dutch Gypsy Van (perfect right? I swear I will one day discover that I was a gypsy in a previous live) but they also have a Yurt (a tradicional Mongolian circular tent) and an old German fire van (an ambulance for the fire brigade) converted into a small camper with a kitchen.

I felt completely connected to this place and was amazed by its beauty! 

Thank you so much Claire for receiving us so well.

Also, a very important news, this post marks the first of my partnership with GQ Portugal (yeahhh!) to show you guys these amazing places, so don't forget to visit their site for tips on what to eat and visit.