As the crazy romantic I am, I obviously LOVE weddings!

Being part of Rita and Hester big day (or should I say festival?) was truly special for me.
 Almost three days of nothing but love and happiness. I choose very carefully the weddings I shot, 2 or 3 a year, and I'm so happy to have witness this amount of pure love (still wondering if I ever witnessed so much honest love in one place...)

Rita, who's an art director/photographer, has a pretty cool new project called Q Revolt a portrait book about women who love women, aiming to break stereotype. 
"From the butch to the lipstick, and everything in between, this book is about celebrating the whole spectrum and the diversity of women who have in common their sexual orientation."
If you're interested in help in any way contact her through I Am Rita Braz

Thank you for having me girls!