So here we are, another Fashion Week season it's ending!

This post is more about being completely honest with you - the people who follow and support my work - that about fashion itself, and it’s probably going to get a bit personal.

More and more I cary a deep and sincere longing for realness, a long for authenticity. I truly believe in taking the time, dare to get personal, and documenting it. My work as always been about intimacy and I don’t see it as a subject but as a consequence of who I am as a person and as an artist (when I say “intimacy" I do not mean “privacy”, the way I see it, they're two complete different things).

Professional, and personally, the next years will be about real meaningful experiences. About surrounding myself with real, individual people, for things that make the difference, for the things that make US difference. About dive deeper. About making something my own and do it my own way. About make "it" mean something!

In Fashion nothing gets more real then it is backstage. I not interested in the performance, I want to be where people get real, where the emotions jump from anxious to excited to stress to loneliness. Its about people for me... and that’s probably why I still get so excited about doing fashion weeks.

So here's my story about Lisboa Fashion Week.

* You can see the story I shoot for GQ Portugal about the men in Lisboa Fashion Week here, and the special about backstage I shoot for Vogue Portugal here. *