I'll start this post by saying that, from my short time in Croatia, if I had to pick just one place to go it'd had to be Korčula.

To get to this gorgeous Dalmatian island we drove from Rovinj to Split (still upset we didn't stop in Pula, but i'm sure there'll be a next time) and then got a 3 hour ferry.

I fell in love with Korčula and would easily live there. People are really nice and chill and the wine is just amazing - they specialise in white wine, GRK being my favourite from all the ones I've tried, which were many, believe me...

It was already late when we got to Lešić Dimitri Palace, but it was a definitely a "uau" moment. The most incredible apartments would be our home the following nights (check the pictures!) Having breakfast with an amazing view was the perfect day start, and from there we went straight to sailing in the hotel's sailboat with a super cool skipper who's name I completely forgot (I'm sorry! we really enjoyed your company!) and who told us there is an island who's only habitants are goats, another one with rabbits and one with deers, how peculiar is that?

-I'll get back to wine in the second part of this post -