Not having slept for 24 plus hours and after a 3 hour ferry trip from Venice, arriving at Rovinj's Port was a sight for sore eyes!

9 pm and the view was still breath taking.
We went straight to Lone Hotel, which is even more impressive than in pictures. It truly stands for what's believed as "a design focused synergy of functionality, harmony and elegance". Every single detail was created by the best artists and designers from Croatia. Believe me, the best ones.

I have to confess Rovinj only became part of the plan because I trust so very much on a Design Hotels' book I couldn't live without (Design Hotels are a major crush of mine!).  
Both Lone Hotel and the town of Rovinj made us feel we were part of a postcard. Beautiful sea views, narrow streets full of character and the most lovely people. It wasn't easy, but i finally picked a few photos which hopefully can give you a good taste of what it was like.

A big thank you to Lone Hotel for all the memories and experiences, we felt absolutely welcome!