Some weeks ago we booked an apartment at Porto - we absolutely love Hotels and usually it's our first choice, but we found Porto pretty booked and expensive so we solved it with this amaaaazing airbnb . 
We enjoyed our Friday with a glass of wine by the river and a good pizza ( food is so important to me...give me sushi or pizza and you'll have the happiest girl in the world in front of you  - My mom says I must have starved in other life, she's probably right).

Saturday we went full tourist mood walked 10 kilometres around the city, dine some amazing food  again by the river and went to see our friends More Than a Thousand play they last gig in town.

Sunday... I woke up so sooooo sick, like I haven't been in ages maybe some of that amazing food was not so good to me so we ended up staying in our apartment all day which was not so bad because it turns out, Porto is pretty similar to London and you get all 4 seasons in one day and by the time I felt better it was raining. 
Unfortunately we missed a lot of places with one day less, but we'll make it up eventually.

 We have been to Porto before, but never with enough time to truly enjoy it, and despite the that horrible Sunday, we're very happy we stopped delaying it and went.