It's a spoiler if I start by saying I absolutely loved this place? 
Cause I did! 

Let's just take this out of the way... UVA DO MONTE it's by far, one of the best discoveries we've made this year.
If you haven't read anything about the place, keep it that way, book it and write me later with your opinion.
At first the lack of internet at the rooms can be a challenge, and the vibe of the place it's so different that I understand the first 15 minutes can make you feel a bit weird.
After that... nothing but love, the main house where everyone stays and enjoy the wine and the good food, the Honesty Bar concept, and José are nothing but perfect. For us, personally, José makes 50% of the place vibes. He's really amazing has the place manager, and truly makes you feel like he is there just to make you feel good and welcome.
There's a pool, Ioga classes, massages, bikes... everything you need to relax and have a good time.

Thank you Joana for having us and José and Zézinha for everything! 

We have plans for Uva do Monte so we will definitely be back.