If you follow me on Instagram you know I've chosen my poison earlier in live.Wine and Magazines/Books. 
The first one way more moderated than the last (my mom reads this)...

In one of our walks to Gulbenkian I've noticed a new store, right in front of a lateral entrance of the garden,

under the cover.

I went visit the store, started making conversation about some titles and since then it's MY FAVORITE place to shop, it's probably the only true contemporary bookshop in Lisbon that I know of at least and Arturas and Luis truly know the titles they sell and their contents. The last time I was there I asked them to recommend me new magazines, based on the themes I usually buy, and believe me there's a lot of them,  the two of them meticulous curated a range of amazing publications.

As they put it: "Our reading materials cover all kind of topics, from art, fashion, photography, food, traveling, architecture, culture and society, to design, literature and music. We are drawn to free expression and provocative thinking."

If you're happen to be in Lisbon, do yourself a favor and go check it for yourself.