Last year VOGUE.PT asked me to shoot some amazing and talent IT GIRLS (love to say this) getting ready for the Golden Globes.
Sónia Balacó (she's a poet, she writes, she acts... I'm such a fan!), Cláudia Vieira (the nicest person on earth, at least between the ones I've met), Andreia Rodrigues (that smile) and the (beautiful) twins Inês e Joana Aguiar.

The vibe was so cool and relax and everyone was so nice and welcome that honestly by the time I realize I was working everyone was already glammed up and leaving.

This is a little throwback, if you wanna see a major throwback please check the 2014 Getting Ready at Vogue.

Post Script - For those who've ask, I've shoot all day with 35mm film, and the only big difference between film and digital - for me - it's the ability to shoot like a maniac and not becoming poor. That and high ISO. I say thanks for high ISO everyday when I wake up.