I've been planning for some time a kind of tour - we are, for now, a small band of two - around Portugal (and hopefully outside of it too) show you guys the places we visit.

I'm all about sharing when it comes to creativity. I strongly believe that sharing knowledge is liberating.
There's this thing about keeping everything in secret about photography as a craft that I just don't get it, some people seem scared of being copied or being left behind. Let's face it, someone somewhere will like your work and probably try to reproduce your vision, personally I try to take it as a compliment... I've always shared the studios i work with, my favorite type of film, my lighting tips, my cameras, my beloved magazines, my favorite artists... somehow it make me feel free to just be myself and evolve as an artist...anywayyyyyyyy, back to the beautiful places!! 

We do travel a bit, not as much as I would like but, either for pleasure or in business we're lucky enough to stay at cool places. Its a shame to keep some of that places to ourselves, so I've decided to use Journeys as a platform to show you our favourites spots (if I'm being totally honest Gui is fine with a clean bed and healthy food)

Spoiler alert we have some amazing places booked already.

Still working on the hastag, for now #journeysontheroad will be.

All that said,We decided to start at Sagres, south Portugal. 
Putting it simple, you can't go to Sagres and not stay at Memmo Baleeiro, it's the best spot in town.  The owner is an art collector and has an amazing Vhils piece (clap clap) it's really nice to enjoy some of his art through out the hotel, my favorite part was the restaurant. I absolute loved the restaurante, the decor, the people who work there, and the food.
The Chef, knowing the dietary restrictions of Gui, prepared him a special sauce 100% lactose free and the pizza - and I think I can say I have a Master degree in Pizza - was amazing!

I'll leave the rest for you to discover for yourself.